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Steam Car Wash New Zealand mobile steam car wash services recognized as eco-friendly detailing services and leaders in high-quality car cleaning companies which are located in New Zealand. Steam Wash will come to you, to steam your car at the comfort of your home or workplace. Save time and effort, and get the best car wash in New Zealand . We use an advanced and innovative steam cleaning technology to clean the exterior and interior of your car. Contact us  for better steam car wash services.


Give your car a breath of steam for removing bacteria and other harmful insects.

The Car Wash Alternative

Using an electric-powered steamer for your car wash is more convenient and effective. There are many benefits when washing your car with steam. Using the steamer requires a certain technique. While the machine is blowing steam on the car, the person who is using the appliance is also simultaneously wiping with a microfiber towel to absorb the water and dirt. This way there are no scratches or watermarks on your vehicle.


Auto detailing is the process of performing a cleaning, restoration, and complete finishing of a car.

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Hussle Free
Rather than a quick wash of an exterior component of a car, a professional exterior detailing service dealer will make the car gleam, minimize surface scratches, and should always apply a shielding paint sealant.
Quick Delivery
No time wasted at outside car washes. Steam Car Wash is able to clean a car exterior in just 20 minutes and 30 minutes for interior plus exterior.